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Salesforce Architect / Software Developer

50 Cragwood Rd. South Plainfield Suite 301B, New Jersey

Please go thru the requirement given below and kindly send me the matching profiles with your minimum expected salary/rate, visa status, current location and availability. Please let us know if you have any relocation constraints. Let us know if you would like to work on our W2 or 1099/CTC. Please email the resumes in word document to varma@hermitageinfotech.com
  1. Identify and analyze the legacy systems Case Management workflow process and components  to build a custom application (CRM) in Salesforce to track the recovery and claim payments. – 10%
  • Responsible for gathering the requirements by coordinating with the business analysts and product managers, to better customize and utilize the full functionality of the CRM application.
  • Identifying the critical work streams – Requirements Gathering, Resourcing, Architectural Build (Development, Testing, Implementation & Maintenance).
  • The skills needed to create schedules of these work streams will need to include knowledge of the Software Development Lifecycle Cycle (SDLC) Management.
  1. Develop custom applications and perform technical analysis, design, configuration and implementation support for system integrations and Salesforce customizations -20%
  • Responsible for creating custom business logic and rules that would allow Carefirst to further support automation via the CRM application to automatically route and assign Claims, Cases, Tasks and support its workflow and approval process.
  • Developed Apex Classes, Apex Triggers, Visualforce Pages and Components to develop custom functionality as per the requirements.
  • Support build activities using Visualforce, Apex, Force.com API’s and Webservices including design and development of Service Cloud components.
  1. Integrate FEP Bridge to get real time feed of the pended claims with automatically create cases and route them to user groups based on pre-defined business rules and provide integration links to existing source systems. -20%
  • Understand and leveraging Salesforce provided API’s and components of Salesforce AppExchange for developing custom objects.
  • Integrated the external application systems FEP Bridge and FEP Operations Center using SOAP and REST Web services and accessing them from Salesforce using SOAP/REST callouts.
  • Developed webservice handlers to incorporate custom logic that can be consumed from the incoming webservice responses to be used by CRM application.
  1. Migrate web services and web applications from existing physical infrastructure to a Highly Available cloud-based infrastructure while maintaining the integrity of the application. – 15%
  • Identify web applications & services which need to be migrated to cloud, identify what cloud infrastructure as Service could be leveraged for the application, Map the physical service components to a scalable cloud-based services such as web servers, Databases etc…
  • Then provision the cloud infrastructure, unit test & integration test the web applications within the cloud infrastructure.
  • Utilize the SOAP & REST API for integrating the web application with back-end web services
  • Create a rich developer-friendly toolkit to consume new server-side GIS functionalities, using the latest relevant techniques and best practices
  1. Expanding the CRM Member 360 page for the members contacting Cambia Customer Service. -15%
  • Cambia would like to bring additional member related data including the check information from the Cambia’s PeopleSoft System, deferred claim and associated routes information from the Workflow system and integration with Cambia’s Clinical Care Advance (CCA) system to display Advanced Benefit Determinations (ABD) and care gaps/disease management alerts on file for the member.
  • Cambia  FEP Salesforce system would also integrate with the NextGen Member 360 APIs to bring in additional member related information and would integrate with FEP Bridge Data stores to bring in member’s authorization related information.
  • Enhance Member 360 to display deferred claims and associated route tasks associated with the member contract in focus. 
  • Enhance Member 360 to display authorizations (prior approvals and advanced benefits determinations) and care gap alerts associated with the Member contract in focus.
  1. Archival of the CRM Inquiry Data, 18 months old or greater (on a rolling basis) contained in the Cambia FEP CRM application -15%
  • Archival of the Deferral and Route Task Data, 18 months old or greater (on a rolling basis) contained in the Cambia FEP Workflow application
  • Implementation of capabilities for research, viewing, and audit of archived data for at least 7 years in the FEP Bridge Console
  • Creation of consolidated Log reports of the archived CRM Inquiries, Workflow Deferral and Route Tasks
  1. Handle defects/issues identified during Regression and Integration. Responsible for maintaining and enforcing Apex code practices to deploy clean and robust code into production. – 5%
  • Developed test scripts and test cases for each of the business requirements and its development so that code satisfies business solution.
  • Involved in working with the SIT/UAT team to fix defects and gaps that are identified in lower environments and in Production.
  • Conducting code review to ensure the best coding practices are being followed all the way across the organization before being deployed to production.
Education: BA/BS in CS or related field

Years of Experience: 4-6 years

Hermitage Infotech, LLC
P:732-593-8453 Extension 202

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