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Software Engineer

Acequest Corp, 200 Centennial Avenue, Suite No 123, Piscataway N, NJ

Please go thru the requirement given below and kindly send me the matching profiles along with your minimum expected salary, visa status, current location and availability. You can please email the resumes to hr@acequestcorporation.com.
Job title : Software Engineer
Minimum Educational Requirement : Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or related field. 
Detailed job duties as follows:
SDWAN Migration
  • Involved in Pre-Staging activities like site surveys, gathering current infra structure details, gathering site contact details, working with service providers on new links provision, new routers installation. 
  • Involved in attending Hypercare calls for Type C sites and detail discuss about SDWAN migration (phases of migration plan, all the applications rollout to SDWAN, business impact...etc)  
  • Prepare routers configurations, preparing existing drawing, after migration drawing, doing peer reviews 
  • Work with sites leads, application teams to get down time and explaining  the process, creating change request and attending change meetings, getting change approvals, working with field engineers 

  • Plan, track and manage information associated with network’s internet Protocol address space. 
  • Involved in assigning static IP address , subnet mask, gateway globally from IPAM to the devices as and when request associated come into their que. 
  • Involved in removing the IP’s associated with the decommissioned servers from IPAM so the they are free for future use. 
Change Request
  • Involved in IP address management, any of the subnet which runs out of IPs either the address space is increased or a new VLAN is created. In both the cases, a standard change request is created on ServiceNow to put in switch configuration accordingly. 
  • Assign the free ports from respective switches  and create new change to update the switch configs.  

  • Responsible to gather routers and switches current IOS code details, if they are not on Cisco standards, create change request for upgrade IOS code for the ones that are not running latest IOS
Data Center Migration
  • Involved in Data Center Migration from newly acquired company Allergan. As a part of this software engineer need to collect lot information like subnet ranges, VLANs info, hardware details, applications details.

Education: BA/BS in CS or related field

Years of experience: 3-8 plus years

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