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Software Engineer

50 Cragwood Road, Suite No 301B, South Plainfield, NJ

Please go thru the requirement given below and kindly send me the matching profiles along with your minimum expected salary, visa status, current location and availability. You can please email the resumes to varma@hermitageinfotech.com.

Architect, design, development, customization and implementation of CRM software applications (20%)
o   Design requirements and create the technical specification document
o   Configure and customize the Dynamics CRM application using C# .Net, Workflows and Java script
o   Export solutions from the development environment and deploy it in QA, SIT and Other environments
o   Propose and create deployment architecture
·         Analyzing various system requirements, data flow charts, design and development of various modules of software applications (20%)
o   Perform Fit Gap analysis, feasibility analysis of the business requirements and create a technical design for the gaps identified
o   Create High level and Low level technical design document, Process and data flow diagrams
o   Create Data Models and configure the
o   Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM application to create entities and attributes identified in the Data model
·         Coding, debugging and testing programs using the knowledge of CRM software languages and tools (20%)
o   Use C# .Net plugins and JavaScript to
·         customize the Microsoft Dynamics
·         365/CRM application
o   Use Microsoft Dynamics Plugin registration tool to debug the application
o   Integrating the Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 application with other external tools like DocuSign e-Signature, Cafex Live Assist Chat, Bucher Suter Connects CTI Connector and Unified Service Desk Agent Desktop applications
o   Perform CRM configuration, custom, assembly development, integration code, and data migration scripts for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
o   Extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM using XRM extensible framework
·         Perform unit testing of transactions in the various software environments. -10%
o   Create Unit test scripts
o   Unit test the application and report the defects
o   Create Unit testing evidence
o   Fix the defects identified as part of unit testing and perform verification
·         Developing program specifications for Open Integration and CRM programs – 10%
o   Identify the applications which integrates with Dynamics CRM and design and create Integration Catalog with integration strategy and approach
o   Design the integration touch points with Request and response services, integration approach and attribute mapping
o   Consume External RESTful API’s exposed by other systems (SMS Gateways, CTI applications, Document applications)
o   Write Controllers. Perform validation, exception handling and invoking service/API layers.
o   Write components that performs specific task and that can be reusable by other teams
·         Exercising software development experience in reporting development status and presenting innovative ideas to the management during Project Design meetings -10%
o   Get the requirements from Business team and document them
o   Write service layer (Business logic) and workflows
o   Use problem solving technique and innovative ideas to solve business requirement.
o   Participate in sprint review meetings and propose solution to the management
o   Present demo on project development every 2 weeks
·         Provide architecture and development work for Microsoft Dynamics CRM application. -10%
o   Create an Overall architecture for Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation
o   Create Solution Architecture Document
o   Estimate the build efforts for the requirements and help in preparation of project/sprint plans

Education: BA/BS in CS or related field

Years of experience: 6-8 plus years

Hermitage Infotech, LLC
P:732-593-8453 Extension 202
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