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Salesforce Consultant

50 Cragwood Rd. South Plainfield Suite 301B, New Jersey
Please send me your updated resume as per the below req immediately with your minimum expected salary, visa status, current location and availability. Please let us know if you would like to work on our W2 or 1099.. Please email the resumes in word document to varma@hermitageinfotech.com.
  1. Experience in Cloud based design and development -20%
    • Develop front end using Visualforce, Lightning, JavaScript and HTML.
    • Work with design ,development of customized applications.
  2. Self-motivated and pro-active with demonstrated problem solving and critical thinking skills -20%
    • Get the requirements form product department.
    • Use problem solving technique to solve business requirement.
    • Learn new technologies and apply when needed.
    • Analyze code in existing applications and refine and refactor when necessary
  3. Expertise in enterprise Salesforce -20%
    • Project is based in Salesforce. Write microservice using Spring boot features.
    • Connect with database using Spring Data and Hibernate and perform CRUD operation.
    • Write Test classes using Apex  for all layer of the application
  1. Experience with hands on expertise in developing SOAP and REST APIs supporting Integrations -10%
    • Develop RESTful API that can be consumed by internal application as well as external application
    • Develop SOAP API that can be consumed by internal application as well as external application
    • Consume SOAP API exposed by other system (VICKI, OVC, OVT, Auction Access).
    • Write Controllers. Perform validation, exception handling and invoking service layers.
    • Write components that performs specific task and that can be reusable by other teams
  1. Experience with relational databases, data modeling -20%
    • Design database based on requirement.
    • Write SOQL and SOSL queries.
    • Write triggers ,Controllers and Components using Apex.
  2. Should have good knowledge of Agile/Scrum, continuous integration and deployment – 10%
    • Involve in Agile/Scrum activities such as:
      • Daily standup meeting
      • Sprint retrospective and planning
      • Product backlog grooming
      • Spring review
      • Present demo on project development every 2 weeks.
Education: BA/BS in CS or related field
Years of experience: 6-8 years  

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