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Systems Engineer

Please go thru the requirement given below and kindly send me your resume in word document. Please let me know your visa status(work authorization), minimum expected salary, contact details, current location and availability to start a  new project.
Please email the resumes in word document to subra@acequestcorporation.com or call Subra at 908-247-0950 for any questions.

Title: Systems Engineer
Location: NJ
Years of Experience: 2-5 plus years 
Qualification: BA/BS in Computer Science or related field
Job Descripion:
Generate Business Metrics
·         Generate the scorecard of the MyBusiness Operations on a weekly basis.
·         Analyze the trends in the transactions and Commerce operations of the business customers and provide insights to the respective Service Management and the Commerce teams using Excel and Oracle SQL Developer.
·         Work interactively with business customers to understand the direction of the business and the trends in the Business Metrics and provide a Weekly and Monthly Report to the leadership team.
2.      Generate Tableau Dashboards
·         Build Tableau visualizations based on the requirements by the different teams and provide the business intelligence in the charts and time series.
·         Provide access and permissions to the users who need to view the dashboards. 
·         Monitor those dashboards on a continuous basis to get a hold of the performance of different service transactions and commerce requests.
3.      Predictive Analytics
·         Analyze the Service Management transactions of My Business Transformation and predict the transactions for the subsequent weeks and months. 
·         Usage of R programming and Time Series Modelling for the generation of the algorithm that predicts the immediate transactions.
4.      Database Querying and Informatica Job Runs
·         Run Oracle queries for generating different metrics and data based on the requests from respective teams.
·         Usage of Oracle SQL Developer to create different datasets and tables to maintain a record of important information regarding the customer profiles and transactions and order metrics.
·         Monitor the processing of informatica jobs that load the data from the various database sources to the My Business Team Database from where required metrics are generated.
5.      Fraud Analytics
·         Monitoring the Commerce Orders that are placed by the customers for any type of fraudulent transactions.
·         Built a dashboard to monitor the transactions and list out the profiles and accessories that cross a threshold point.
·         Also, understanding the trend of the historical transaction data to check the validity and the legitimacy of the order placed and inform the fraud team about the activity as a suspicious category. 

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