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Guidewire Developer

Hastings, MI
Please see the below reqs and send me your updated resume in word document for one of the positions that you fit in along with the I-9 form filled. Please confirm your minimum expected salary, visa status, current location, contact details and availability to start a new project. You can please email the resumes to varma@hermitageinfotech.com or call varma at 732-593-8453 Extn 202 for any questions.

Job Title - Guidewire Developer
  • Implementation of General Liability line or business in Guidewire Policy Center.
    • Design and create new screens for policy issuance in guidewire policy center
    • Integrate third party data to policy center
    • Design and create conversion renewal workflows on policy center
  • Involve in complete life cycle (Requirement Analysis, Design, Development, Testing Support, Implementation and Post Implementation Support) of application development.
    • Analyzing the requirements obtained from the business and estimating the time required to incorporate the requirement in the system
    • Preparing the Design document with impact analysis stating the code changes and the location of the code changes in various modules
    • Have the configuration and code changes as per design
    • Test data set up and Unit testing the incorporated changes to verify whether they satisfy the new requirements and do not hamper the existing functionality 
  • Analyze product impact. Ensure the development is performed as per requirements and quality of the work product.
    • Analyze the current product and prepare the impact analysis document to perform code changes as per requirements
    • Perform design walkthrough and code reviews to ensure quality of product

  • Interact with Analysts and Business Users to translate functional specifications into Technical design for implementation and deployment.
    • Participate in requirements meeting with business analyst, understand the scope of requirements and estimate the time required to incorporate the requirement in the system 
    • Preparing the Impact Analysis Documents stating the code changes and the location of the Code Changes in various modules and have Design walkthrough 
  • Creating new data model elements and extending the existing data model as part of user story requirements.
    • Defining new ETI and ETX files using XML for various entity/subtype creations as per the business requirements
    • Extending guidewire base entities to persist new fields as per business needs 
  • Proposing Configuration and Integration Solutions and estimate the effort for the same as part of User Story requirements.
    • Understanding the requirements and propose solutions on UI behavior for better performance and response on policy center screens
    • Work on integration mapping for third party data, required for quoting and binding policies on Policy Center application
    • Provide estimates based on the user story requirements to implement the functionality in policy center

  • Configure Policy Center UI (PCF) according to business requirements.
    • Configure various JobWizards, Wizard Step Groups, JobWizardStepSets
    • Configuring GUI screens for various policy transactional jobs like Submission, Policy Change, Rewrite, Renewal, Cancellation 
  • Implement the business rules & validation rules for various transactions in Guidewire Policy Center.
    • Understand the business process flow and understand the needs of organization and implement the rules sets into a hierarchy that fits the business model for Assignment, Evaluation, Exception and Event Messages
    • Based on business rules, create and implement page level validations, quote validations and bind validations for each line of business 
  • Implement the Renewal Conversion Workflow on Guidewire Policy Center Application.
    • A Guidewire XML (GX) Model will be designed in Guidewire Studio for conversion integration between Series 2 Legacy Policy and Policy Center
    • A custom component will be developed in Guidewire Policy Center to fetch the staging data and prepare the input Policy XML for the APIs based on this GX Model.
    • Create custom batch to retrieve the Policy XML and using Guidewire accelerator call the appropriate API to load policy into Guidewire Policy Center.
  • Qualification: BA or BS in C.S or related field
  • Experience: 2-3 years of experience

Hermitage Infotech, LLC
P:732-593-8453 Extension 202

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