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GIS Technicians/Analysts/Specialists

Raleigh_Durham, NC
Please see the below reqs and send me your updated resume in word document. Please confirm your minimum expected salary, visa status, current location, contact details and availability to start a new project. You can please email the resumes to varma@hermitageinfotech.com or call varma at 908-247-0950 for any questions.

GIS-Engineering Technicians, GIS Analysts, and-or GIS Specialists LSC
Location: North Carolina
No of Openings: 10-15
Duration: Very long term 12 months plus 1-4 possible extensions up to an year each.

The selected firm(s) will be required to furnish proof of Professional Liability insurance coverage in the minimum amount of $1,000,000.00. The firm(s) must have an adequate accounting system to identify costs chargeable to the project.
It is anticipated that: -FTEs will telework from home during the COVID-19 pandemic per the Governor's recommendations. -FTEs will work in the Client office post-COVID-19 pandemic once it has been determined safe to do so.
The Department is seeking one or more firms to provide any combination or number of (currently up to TEN (10) total, but Staff Full-Time Equivalents (FTE) On-site for GIS-Engineering Technicians, GIS Analysts, and-or GIS Specialists LSC – The client could increase) GIS-Engineering Technicians, GIS Analysts, and/or GIS Specialists to support the following:
Editing of GIS data; development and printing of map products; development and publication of web maps; attribution of the client linear reference system with roadway characteristics data; field data collection; and validation and research of roadway characteristics data. These resources will be responsible for the collection, analysis, and mapping of spatial data related to the maintenance and management of roads and highways data using of ESRI Roads and Highways desktop and server-based Event Editor to create, update and maintain various roadway datasets. -Mapping Product Development - Create and present various mapping products in both electronic and hardcopy format via both ESRI's ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Online. -Linear Referencing System Attribution - Attribution of roadway characteristics data using ESRI's Roads and Highways tools in conjunction with highway construction plans, aerial imagery, CADD drawings, and other sources. -Data Analysis and Reporting - Ability to query, filter, manipulate, conduct historical research, and report on various data sets using Microsoft Office and ESRI tools. -Field Data Collection - Develop asset collection databases, configure mobile data collection applications, provide technical support, conduct field data collection. FTE Skills/Criteria: -Experience in transportation GIS -Experience in production mapping -Experience publishing and mapping spatial data in ArcGIS Online -Experience preparing mobile asset collections and using ESRI Collector -Experience using python to automate workflows -Experience editing in a multi-user environment using ArcGIS -Knowledge and experience maintaining roadway data in a linear referencing system -Experience using ESRI’s Roads and Highways -Preferable experience with ESRI’s ArcGIS Workflow Manager
Preferable experience with data validation and reviewer checks with ESRI’s Data Reviewer -Strong knowledge and understanding of GIS principals, theories, and practices -Experience reading highway construction plans and CADD drawings PROPOSED CONTRACT TERM ONE (1) YEAR PROPOSED CONTRACT EXTENSIONS FOUR (4) @ 1-YEAR each.

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