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Sr Salesforce Consultant

Piscataway, NJ
                                                                                                                      Nov 15th, 2021
Please go thru the urgent req given below and kindly send  me your updated resume in word document, if you are available and interested in this project. Please let me know your minimum expected hourly rate / yearly salary, work authorization, contact details and availability. Please email the resumes to varma@hermitageinfotech.com. Or please call Varma at 732-338-7524.

These are high-priority requirements, the interviews are going on  Please share resumes.

Salesforce Consultant
  • Web Application design and Development. (10%) 

    • Develop Salesforce Lightning pages using Lightning Aura Framework. 
    • Develop Salesforce Visualforce Pages using Apex Tags, CSS3, React.Js, Ajax, jQuery 
    • Design and Develop Client-Side Validation Using JavaScript. 
    • Build Single Page Application using MVC Architecture. 
  • Use Enterprise Salesforce Apex technology, Including Java OOPS (Object Oriented Programming), Apex Unit Test Class, Triggers. (20%) 
    • Write Server-Side Business logic (Controllers) using Apex Programming Language. 
    • Design and write Triggers, controlled the flow between both Server-side and Client Side. 
    • Write Apex Unit Test Classes for Apex Controllers and maintained above 75% code coverage, helps to deploy code into production. 
    • Design and Write Batch Apex Classes Using Apex Programming Language, to cleanse unwanted Data in salesforce. 
    • Experience in Running Jenkin Jobs and deploy code into Production Environment. 
  • Design and Development of SOAP/REST APIs and Integrating Salesforce to External Systems. (15%) 
    • Project is based on Integration, designed, and developed REST APIs to connect and consume both internal and External Systems. 
    • Create the Connected App in salesforce and configure to connect the External System (Quip). 
    • Write Salesforce-Quip Integration Documentation. 
  • Use Salesforce databases, data modeling and SOQL/SOSL operations, SQL optimization. (15%) 
    • Write SOQL and SOSL queries to retrieve bunch of data salesforce Database. 
    • Design and Write SOQL queries in REST APIs to fetch data from External System (Quip). 
  • Apply Agile/Scrum, Continuous Integration, and Deployment. (10%) 
    • Involve in Agile/Scrum activities such as: 
      • Daily standup meeting 
      • Sprint preplanning and planning 
      • Product backlog grooming 
      • Spring review 
      • Present demo on project development every 2 weeks. 
      • Retro Meeting on Project Development every 2 weeks. 
  • Apply JavaScript technologies such as Node.JS. (10%) 
  • Salesforce Configuration, Design and create the out of the box features in Salesforce. (20%) 
    • Design and Develop Salesforce out of the box features Workflow, Process Builders, 
    • Work on Data loader and Import Wizard to import Data from CVS files to Salesforce Database 
    • Work on Salesforce Standard objects and Create a Custom Salesforce Objects, Custom files, Validation rules, permission sets based on the Business requirement. 
    • Create the Report and interactive Dashboards on different Objects, helps to helps to analysis the Data in Objects. 
Minimum Education Requirement -  Bachelors in Computer Science or closely related field.


Hermitage Infotech, LLC
P:732-593-8453 Extension 202

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