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Project Manager for GE MAPS/MARS Product

Long Island, NY
Please go thru the urgent req given below and kindly send  me your updated resume in word document, if you are available and interested in this project. Please let me know your minimum expected hourly rate / yearly salary, work authorization, contact details and availability. Please email the resumes to varma@hermitageinfotech.com. Or please call Varma at 732-338-7524.

Location: Long Island, NY
Remote but client site presence may be needed whenever the client needs.

Project Manager for GE MAPS/MARS Product – need a PM who can do Current State analysis, document it and put an implementation plan together
a.      Power Markets Resource Planning utilizes GE Multi-Area Production Cost Simulation (GE-MAPS) and GE Multi-Area Reliability Simulation (GE-MARS) system to perform fuel and power purchase cost and capacity requirement analyses.  GE-MAPS accurately simulates the operation of an interconnected utility power system and determines the production costs and other energy market forecasts.  GE-MARS performs a Monte Carlo simulation that calculates the various reliability indices for adequately satisfying customer load requirements.
b.      This project will upgrade and replace hardware which has reached end of life and update software as required to be able to optimally generate load forecast simulations.  As part of this project, a disaster recovery configuration will also be implemented. The new servers will provide the performance required to perform complex analysis and complete projects for LIPA as identified in the investment description above.  In addition, the maintenance of the six existing servers has expired, and these new servers will provide a new maintenance agreement.


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