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Unix/Linux System Administration Orientation

Edison, NJ
Introduction To System Administration
Overview of the Solaris 10 Operating Environment
System Startup and Shutdown Procedures – SPARC-Based Systems
System Startup and Shutdown Procedures – x86/x64-Based Systems
GRUB – Grand Unified Bootloader (x86/x64 platform)
Service Management Facility (SMF)
OpenBoot - Environment
Installing the Solaris 10 Software

Managing Local Disk Devices
Managing File Systems
System Security
The LP Print Service
Process Control
Backup and Recovery
Advanced Installation Procedures
Sun Connection Services - Introduction to Zones
Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
The Solaris Management Console (SMC)
Configuring Access Control Lists (ACL’s)
Solaris Management Console
Managing SWAP Space
Managing Crash Dumps and Core Files
Using the Solaris Volume Manager Software
Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
Introduction to the ZFS File System
The Solaris Network Environment
The NFS/AutoFS Environment
Configuring System Messaging
Introduction to DTrace
X86 vs. SPARC-Based Solaris Systems (Differences)
RHEL - System Installation and Updating
Shell Scripting
SAN  - Installation and Updation Introduction

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